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Monday, March 21, 2016

Time Management for Writers

There is something more than style and proficiency that distinguishes the best essay writer from the crowd: proper time management. A great writer knows how to estimate the time necessary for writing a particular piece of content, he understands his productivity cycles, and he can organize the time in a way that enables him to achieve the ultimate results.

When you learn how to manage your own time when writing, you’ll notice an improvement in your skills as well.

Effective Time Management Tips for Essay Writers

  1. Organize your space

    What does the space have to do with time management? If it’s clean and organized, you’ll subject yourself to fewer distractions while writing. Sit on the desk with your computer in front of you, and some printed resources you intend to use. That’s all you need. Don’t eat in your writing space and don’t leave anything unnecessary on the desk.

  2. Start writing early

    A smart essay writer doesn’t start working on the paper one day before submission. He knows how to organize his time effectively, so he won’t feel any pressure when researching and writing.

    Here is what you can do: start using an online calendar, such as WhichTime or Google Calendar. When you get an assignment, note it down on its due date. Then, check how many days you have to complete it, and distribute the workload throughout your schedule. Make sure to complete the paper at least two days before the deadline, so you’ll have time for revisions.

  3. Stay away from all distractions

    It’s strange how you start thinking of all your friends just when you sit in front of the computer, trying to write the essay. Don’t call them and don’t waste time on social media. You can use browser extensions that allow you to block distracting websites when you work. Try Strict Workflow, StayFocusd, or LeechBlock.

  4. Take small bites

    Successful essay writers don’t get overwhelmed by the projects, no matter how challenging they are. That’s because they work progressively.

    If the topic is too difficult and everything seems like too much work, you need to start working in stages. Today, you can go through some online resources for two hours. Tomorrow, you’ll review those resources and you’ll choose the ones you’ll use in your paper. Then, you’ll think of a thesis statement and you’ll write the outline.

    When you start writing the paper, don’t set a goal to complete the entire content in few hours. Give yourself as much time as possible and take small bites. You won’t even notice the pressure of the deadline when you start working on the essay early.

  5. Outsource

    Outsourcing is a well-known time-management strategy used in every business. Did you know that the same system can help you write better papers?

    When you notice that you cannot handle the assignment, you can hire a professional writer to help you. If you have written the essay, you can outsource the editing, formatting, and proofreading stages to a professional editor.

The Key Is to Give Yourself Enough Time. That’s How You Become a Successful Essay Writer

It doesn’t matter how well you can write; you can’t complete an outstanding essay in few hours. If you were attentive to the 5 tips above, you probably noticed the connection: effective time management is all about starting early and distributing the workload throughout your schedule.