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How to Save On College Textbooks

College students spend hundreds of dollars per year on textbooks, and they are not always happy to buy a hefty, cool new book when it costs more than they could possibly afford.

Considering the fact that you have to manage your budget very carefully, you could use some tips that would help you save money on these materials without allowing that to affect your studying efficiency.<.p>

1. Avoid the campus bookstore.

If you’re trying to save on textbooks, this is the first rule to remember: they are not available solely at the overpriced bookstore on campus. Sure, it’s the most convenient option because you don’t have to travel anywhere to get the materials you need, but convenience costs money in this case. Take a walk and check the prices at other bookstores; you will probably find them more affordable.

2. Rent the textbooks you need.

The textbook rental market is booming. Students often opt for renting instead of buying, since this option enables them to save hundreds of dollars during their years at school. You can still buy the books you think you’ll use in future, but you surely won’t need all of them. As an example, you can rent a textbook or an e-book for around $50 when the actual edition costs around $200.

3. The library is not as scary as it appears.

Most students are not willing to spend much time in the library. That avoidance can cost you money. Your school library probably has copies of most textbooks you’ll need over the course of your education. If you have a strategy and manage to get the books exactly when you need them, you won’t have to spend huge amounts to purchase them.

4. Buy second-hand editions.

Who said you always had to have a new textbook? You can easily find well-saved second-hand books online and save more than half of the price if you do a proper investigation on eBay, Amazon, and other websites. If you are opting for online shopping, make sure to use the ISBN numbers, so you’ll get the exact edition you need. You can also buy the textbooks from older students who have already attended your courses. They are usually more than willing to make some money by selling the old baggage.

5. Share the books with friends

When you cannot afford a book, consider the option of sharing it with a friend. Of course, you will both need to study from it, so it might be a little difficult to organize your time and get access to the material exactly when you need it. To avoid such complications, you can ask your professor if you can borrow a copy from him.

6. eBooks are a great solution!

If you own an e-reader, then you should definitely get the electronic versions of the textbooks whenever you have the chance for it. The e-reader gives you a realistic experience; you can highlight, make notes, and do everything else you would do with printed material. The big difference is that eBooks cost much less.

The only important thing is to be willing to learn. Although textbooks are getting more expensive than ever, you also have more than one chance to get a more affordable or even free access to them.